Moved to a new host!

I have spend the last week setting up a new VPS host at Linode. This site and my youtube video playlist site,, are both currently running on the new host. Everything has been great so far and this will give me more control in the future!

If you are interested in joining Linode, check out my referral link.

How are website with Ruby on Rails built?

RobbDogg asked: I’ve gone throu the Sitepoint book “Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications” by Patrick Lenz, and have a good understanding of how web applications are built, but I don’t understand how an entire website is built using RoR. Is every page gernerated by one or more Ruby scripts or are their static HTML or RHTML pages that use a small amount of Ruby code to pull content from a database? I’m working on a site that uses PHP, but would like to convert it to RoR. Most of the pages use PHP to generate some content from infomation fetched from a database, and are fairly static except for the small part of the page that gets it content form the database. Would you use Ruby the same way you use PHP? Where would I put my website page files in the Ruby directory structure? under rails_root/public ?

Learn Ruby on Rails or Python?

someoneoutthereishere asked: I have some experience with C, and am looking to learn a language that can do some web based stuff. I’ve done a bit of Perl, but don’t really want to learn it. PHP is there also, but again, seems like it may be a bit outdated(?)I’ve heard a lot about Ruby on Rails, but from the description on their website it seems to mainly be used for database driven sites. Python is also popular and seems to be learnable (for my level of experience). My web host supports both, so I’m mostly just looking for a direction on which would be more useful to learn. The projects I would like to use it for would not be strictly database driven things (which as mentioned seem to be Ruby’s specialty), just general web things like um for example a simple calculator or form processor or things like that. Any suggestions, and if so, why? Thank you!