Faster Rails Tests

Anyone that has worked on a large rails application knows how long it takes for tests to run. I have this same problem as well. I use the build in testing framework packaged with Rails. One thing I noticed was that the Rails environment seemed to be loading between running unit, functional and integration tests. I felt this was unnecessary if I wanted to run the whole test suite, say for CI purposes, so I created a custom rake task that I use:

# lib/tasks/test.rake
require "rake/testtask" do |t|
  t.libs << "lib"
  t.libs << "test" = "test:ci"
  t.warning = false
  t.verbose = false
  t.test_files = FileList[

This allows me to run all my tests in a single application boot and shave a small amount of time off the full run:

bundle exec rake test:ci

Rails Unit Test multi-array params

While writing some tests the other day, I came across a little bit of a stump. I have an action that required the use of a multi-dimensional param such as:


This is exactly what I was doing, but you get the picture. I could have easily changed it to a single array, but that not the point. The solution in this example, would be to nest your hash in the test such as:

def test_should_do_something
  post :create, :some_object=>{
  }, :user=>{ :name=>'Something' }